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Jeffrey Davis • Photographer

Meet Jeffrey Davis

While I’ve been into photgraphy for many years, my business didn’t begin until 2006 when I participated in a mission trip to South Africa. While there, I had the opportunity to take pictures of the children and young adults my team was working with, as well as the wildlife and landscapes.

Many of the villagers had never had their picture taken, abd those who didn’t have mirrors had only seen their pwn reflections a few times in their lives. Upon realizing this, I treated each picture of each villager as if it was the last picture they may ever have taken of themselves. As a result, each picture was given individual and special attention.

At the end of the trip, I was able to find a grocery chain where I printed out 5x7s of each shot and gave them out for free. It ended up being my very first photo shoot and it left the people with a memory they could cherish forever. When I returned, people were impressed with my work to the point that I was finally encouraged to step out and start my own business.

Today, I focus primarily on weddings, though I still do portraits and other group events when asked. I’ve never lost the motivation that developed in South Africa: to treat each picture of each villager as if is the last picture they may ever have taken of themselves, and as a result give each one individual and special attention.

This is the type of work I do, and it’s the type of work you can expect.

-Jeffrey C. Davis

Jeffrey in a blue polo leaning on a white wooden railing

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